Started in 2005, Letus has evolved from a hobbyist working in his garage to a leading company in the film gear industry.

In 2005, Quyen Le’s interest in videography and his knack for inventing led him to create an adapter to fit SLR lenses on a video camera. In sharing ideas with other DIY filmmakers, he quickly recognized the need for an affordable depth of field adapter. Although other DIY DOF adapters already existed in the indie filmmakers market at that time, Quyen was the first to introduce a DOF adapter with an upright image.

“Committed to outstanding customer support”

In 2007 his brother Hien saw the potential Quyen had tapped into and joined him to start Letus. Hien brought his own gifts with business and product design, and Letus has grown substantially under his leadership. The video industry has also changed considerably since that time. With the DSLR revolution, depth of field adapters have become more of a specialty item. Consequently, Letus has branched out to create a variety of innovative products to help today’s cinematographers capture images in new and creative ways. It only takes a glance to see how this plays out in the gimbal market, where Letus provides a unique solution in an ever-broadening market of look-alike gimbals. As a result of Letus’ commitment to innovation and quality, the Helix Jr. won NewsShooter’s Best Pro Video Camera Accessory award at NAB 2015.

“Providing truly innovative products”

Today, Letus is a well-known and respected brand in the film industry. We pride ourselves not only on innovative products, but on phenomenal customer service. Business is not just a quantity game to us, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate excellence, to serve our customers in a way that stands out.

It all comes down to footage that is technically flawless and resonates in the spirit of its viewers. At Letus, we’re committed to providing the tools that enable you to capture those images.

Adapting to the changing needs of today’s cinematographers.