How to install the Devitte Mount on a 3-axis Helix

Published on February 13, 2015 in sections Hardware, Letus Helix
  1. If installed, slide the bearing back on the right hand handle. (figure a)
  2. Using a 2mm hex key wrench, remove the four screws holding the handle to the motor. (figure a)
  3. Align the 4 holes on the Devitte Mount to the corresponding holes on the Helix motor. (figure b)
  4. Using the 4 screws removed previously, secure the Devitte mount to the motor.  (figure c)
    TIP: Do not tighten the screws fully until all four have been inserted. This makes it easier to align properly.
  5. You can now install a tripod plate on the Devitte mount or use our TaG receiver for mounting the Helix on its side for use as a pan/tilt head. (figure d)

Figure a


Figure b


Figure c


Figure d