I am upgrading my firmware. Can I use my old profiles?

Published on December 12, 2015 in sections Software

With minor firmware changes, often the Helix will work fine with the old profiles.  However, with some firmware updates, using old profiles can result in a completely unusable Helix.  Using profiles from firmware version 2.43 b6 after upgrading to a 2.55/2.56 firmware version will result in your Helix being unusable.  There are three options for obtaining usable profiles for 2.56 firmware:

  1. After upgrading your firmware, download appropriate default profiles for the firmware version you are using and load those onto your Helix.  This is the easiest way to go, and if you haven’t customized your profiles at all, this is the recommended procedure.  Default profiles can be downloaded at https://anamorphix.com/how-do-i-get-default-profiles-for-my-helix/ and instructions for loading them onto your Helix can be found at https://anamorphix.com/how-to-load-new-profiles/.
  2. Copy the appropriate customized settings from the old GUI and manually make those customizations to new default profiles.
    1. Before upgrading your firmware, take a screen shot of the Basic tab in the SimpleBGC GUI, and any other tabs where you have made changes.
    2. Follow the procedure above for the first option on downloading default profiles and loading them onto your Helix.
    3. Open the SimpleBGC GUI for the new firmware version.  Copy the P, I, D, and power settings for your profile into the appropriate rows on the new GUI.  Note that in the new GUI, rows are listed in a different order, so you must pay attention to the row labels and not the order of the rows.  Repeat this for any other customized settings that you know you have changed.  Do NOT change the invert check boxes on the new profiles to match your old profiles or your Helix will not work.
  3. While still using the old firmware version, save the profiles you want to upgrade to the profile library in the Letus Helix iOS app.  Upgrade your firmware, then load the profiles from the profile library into the Helix.  The app should ask you if you want to upgrade the profiles to the new firmware version (2.55 b9/2.56 b2).  Hit okay and proceed.  This process should work with either firmware version 2.55 b9 or 2.56 b2.  Note that you must have the most recent version of the Letus Helix app (1.2.0 or later) on your iOS device to be able to do this.