Can I change settings on my Helix using an iOS or Android app?

Published on December 12, 2017 in sections Letus Helix, Software


Yes.  Letus has created and maintains an iOS app for this purpose.  It is on the App Store and is called Letus Helix.  It will work on iPhones 5s or later and iPads (requires iOS version 9.0 as of Dec 2017).  The app is designed as a simplified version of the SimpleBGC GUI, and has additional tools to automate the process of changing settings.  Since it is intended to be much easier to use and understand, it does not include advanced functions of the SimpleBGC GUI.

A video explaining the use of this app can be found here.


There is also an Android app called BasecamBGC32 on the Google Play store.  It is not supported by Letus, but is maintained by the maker of the Helix’s controller board.  Unfortunately, this app is not always updated in a timely manner.  It has more settings, but fewer automated tools (e.g. general system check) than the iOS version.