DH 3 axis handheld
DH with Extenal Pan in Bottom (remote head under-slung)
Double Helix 2AX Handheld - Manual Pan
Double Helix 4AX for Steadicam or EasyRig setup
DH with Extenal Pan on TOP(remote head over-slung)


  • Weight (3-axis): 11.5 lbs
  • Payload: 2.5 to 40+ lbs (1 to 18+ kg)
  • Tested on Arri Alexa Mini, Alexa M, Alexa XT, Alexa Plus, Alexa 65, Arri Flex 235, VariCam 35, Black Magic Ursa
  • Compatible with Hurricane Wheels or Walter Klassen Wheels
  • Proprietary Li-ion battery – Compatible with any 24V power source via D-tap to LEMO cable.
  • 2 D-tap outlets and 5 LEMO outlets for powering camera and accessories
  • HD-SDI pass-through
  • Encoders for better performance with less power.