which helix suits you?

Letus makes stabilizers for a wide range of camera packages.  Which Helix is right for you?

double helix

remote head mode
  • Designed for heavy RED setups, Arri Mini, Arri Alexa, Varicam, etc.
  • Payloads up to 40+ lbs (18+ kg)
  • Configurations: 1-axis, 2-axis (locked pan), 3-axis handheld, 4-axis, 2-axis remote head, 3-axis remote head (shown above)
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helix pro

Helix pro
  • Designed for heavy RED/Arri Mini/FS7/FS5 setups that need a little extra front support (heavy lenses, etc.)
  • Payloads up to 18-20 lbs (8 – 9 kg)
  • Option for encoders (coming soon)
  • Configurations:  1-axis, 3-axis (shown above), 4-axis
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standard helix

helix-3axis-a-1024x576 (4)
  • Designed for moderate RED/Arri Mini setups, DSLRs, C-300, C-500, F5, etc.
  • Payloads up to 16 lbs (7 kg)
  • Configurations:  1-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis (shown above)
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helix junior

helix-jr-with-sony-a7s (2)
  • Designed for DSLRs, light C-100 setups, FS5, etc.
  • Payloads up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • Configurations:  3-axis (shown above), flight mode
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