My helix does not respond when I move the tilt handle

Published on February 10, 2016 in sections Letus Helix

This is most commonly caused by one of two problems:

The firmware on the Helix has been upgraded to a non-Letus version.

Your Helix will not work properly with non-Letus firmware.  Many times users will assume that the most recent version of the firmware available through the upgrade tab is the best one to use.  In our case, this is not true.  BaseCam Electronics produces both Letus and non-Letus firmware.  These will often be listed together in the dropdown menu of the Upgrade tab.  Letus-compatible firmware will clearly be marked with the word “Letus” on it, either in the dropdown menu next to the firmware version or in the informational window below, or both.  Letus recommends that you only upgrade to a firmware version if that version is mentioned here or elsewhere on this website.  It takes time to properly test firmware versions.  Some of these have inconsequential changes, and occasionally we will find a bug in a version during testing that will keep us from adopting it until we can work with BaseCam to fix it.

You are using profile #5.

Profile #5 is specifically designed as a non-follow mode profile for use with a remote control input.  Follow mode is a mode in which the Helix will respond to the tilt handle.  Switch to another profile by hitting the Menu button twice rapidly for profile 1 (light cameras) or three times rapidly for profile 2 (heavy cameras).  These are designed to respond to the tilt handle.