What are the differences between 2.56 b2 and 2.43 b6? Is it worth the upgrade?

Published on December 11, 2015 in sections Letus Helix, Software

There are a couple of dozen changes between these two firmware/GUI versions.  If you use the SimpleBGC GUI, you will actually notice a few more tabs of controls that are now available on 2.56 b2.  While unusually advanced users might be interested in several of these, the important changes come down to a few additions in 2.56 b2:

  1. The Helix now has significantly improved its range of motion without becoming unstable.  You will notice that the Helix can now point the camera lens much closer to the handles, and can point much further up and down.  In fact, in the right mode (using Order of Euler Angles setting), you actually can look straight up and straight down.
  2. The firmware natively supports the Helix and its axis order.  Much of this is transparent to the end user, but you will notice that axis order has changed in the GUI.  When the SimpleBGC32 Android app is updated and usable with this firmware, the axis labels will be correct and it will be much more usable as an app for Android.  It also means that you cannot simply expect to use your old profiles on the newer firmware versions, as they will act very erratically (unless you save them to the profile library in the iOS app in 2.43 b6 and read them back in once you’ve upgraded – automatic conversion is done).
  3. There is an IMU calibration helper on the Basic tab.  This changes the way calibration is done (calibration video here).

Clearly, if you are going to be trying to use the Helix to point up or down more than 65 degrees, the new firmware offers a huge advantage.  If not, you can either upgrade or stay with the older firmware.