Do the LEMO power ports on the Helix use U.S. standard or ARRI standard orientation?

Published on January 12, 2015 in sections Hardware, Letus Helix

The Helix power input is a US standard 2-Pin LEMO plug. This means that the red dot side of the plug is positive voltage. This is the opposite of a ARRI standard 2-pin LEMO which has negative voltage on the red dot side. See diagram below.

What is the power standard on the Helix


  1. Do NOT plug ARRI standard power cables into the Helix as it may short out the controller board, because of the reversed polarity.  This will void your warranty.
  2. Do not plug any accessories into the Helix’s power output that are not designed to work with 10-15 volts of power. The Helix passes raw power straight from the power source through its power outputs. The Helix does not regulate or step down voltage.


The Paralinx and Teradek 2-pin LEMOs are wired with the ARRI standard not the US Standard. DO NOT USE a Paralinx or Teradek LEMO cable on the Helix as it will short the Helix board and/or the connected accessory. We recommend powering these accessories with our D-Tap splitter.