HydroThermal Electrolysis Technology (HTET) is at the heart of Letus SuperWater.

HTET creates billions of hydrothermal events within our propriety SuperWater cell to break the water molecules into ions. At the right voltage and current applied through our proprietary circuit boards that modulate at right frequency, the right balance of ions is created through a shallow channel and pushed out to the output nozzle at a precisely controlled flowrate. Since HTET doesn’t need the impurities in water to create an electrical current through impurities in drinking water, our Letus SuperWater is the ONLY machine in the whole market that can electrolyze RO water (Reverse Osmosis water) Letus SuperWater machine includes tens of sensors and meters to create a smart, auto-adjust system that produces highest, therapeutic quality water that brings hosts of medical benefits for users. Letus SuperWater machine is the only system that doesn’t need a plumbed water source to work. Bring it to your vacation and use bottled water as the source of water and the machine will push out same quality water for you within seconds.

Instead of wastewater, Letus SuperWater machine outputs Ozone water in the concentration that can be used for facewash or washing of vegetables.