Changing settings for the Helix in suitcase mode (do axis names change?)

Published on November 6, 2017 in sections Letus Helix

The Helix may be used in either normal handheld mode (holding the Helix with two hands at the same height) or in suitcase mode (holding the Helix with only one hand on the motorized handle while allowing the Helix to hang down).

_MG_3869-2      _MG_3874

In normal handheld mode, the designation of axes is clear.  Roll settings affect the motor closest to the camera, pan (a.k.a. yaw) settings affect the motor on the bottom of the Helix, and tilt (a.k.a. pitch) settings affect the settings on the motor attached to the handle.

One question we receive is, “Do settings follow the motor or the position of the motor?”  In other words, “When I am in suitcase mode, the motor that is normally called the tilt motor now pans the camera, so do I change pan settings or tilt settings to affect this motor?”

Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends on which settings you are changing.  Any settings having to do with PID tuning, power, encoders, or filters will affect the same motor regardless of which position the Helix is in.  Any settings having to do with RC, joystick, or follow settings will follow the position of the motor.  The pictures below help clarify this.