Why does the SimpleBGC GUI crash when I hit the Connect button (Windows)

Published on February 18, 2021 in sections General, Software

The SimpleBGC GUI requires Java to run (JRE for Windows and JDK for OS X), and occasionally there are issues with Java versions and GUI versions.  As of this writing (02/2021), the most recent versions of Java cause the SimpleBGC GUI to crash when trying to connect on a Windows computer for the currently recommended firmware/GUI versions.  At this time, we are recommending that users use the iOS app or an OS X computer to connect.  If the user does not have an iOS/OSX device, or requires use of the GUI , then it is possible to connect with the GUI by downgrading the version of Java.  Not all versions of Java have been tested, but it is clear that JRE version 8u161 and newer have this problem and JRE version 8u141 and older do not.